$SIRIUS will utilize marketing campaigns, awareness campaigns, 'memetic' culture and utility to bring adoption of the $SIRIUS token.
$SIRIUS is a meme and utility token, operated and founded by an experienced team. Inspired by the 2009 event by the Bitcoin developer with the same name-sake—SIRIUS.

FIRST $SIRIUS has the purpose of raising the bar, setting the value, bringing adoption and increasing the value of the $SIRIUS token.
Bringing adoption
The current liquidity of the Ethereum ecosystem vastly flows into meme-coins. Utility tokens are just beginning to get part of the recognition it deserves. For this reason, $SIRIUS lies somewhere in-between— offering both meme and utility.
To be announced
SIRIUS was the pseudonym of the Bitcoin developer who directly assisted Satoshi Nakamoto with the development of $BTC for the first 2 years. He is also accredited with being the first to set the fiat value of $BTC with real life monetary transactions.
more than a meme
FIRST $SIRIUS was inspired by these events. And while the meme and lore aspect is there, $SIRIUS will harness that inspiration to transmute it into a decentralized and developed representation via the $SIRIUS project and ecosystem.
-The 'FIRST Launch Pad' for FIRST $SIRIUS will utilize smart contract technology, enabling automated and immutable, self-executing contracts to set the value for new projects launching on Ethereum.
setting the value
From the token locker platform, to the payment for use of the Launchpad in $SIRIUS or $ETH equivalent— it will all be directed back into funding and bringing benefit to $SIRIUS.
Read more in our documentation
Not only will the $SIRIUS ecosystem quite literally be setting the value for other Ethereum projects as their presales are hosted on the FIRST Launchpad, but the entire system is designed to bring value to the native token $SIRIUS in every manner possible.
FIRST $SIRIUS is a new cryptocurrency project that aims to create a decentralized platform for peer-to-peer transactions, with a focus on privacy, security, and ease of use.
The platform will be built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and utilize smart contract technology to enable seamless transactions.
More information can be found HERE
Unique volume generating bots operating 24/7 for sustained trending and recognition on all coin & price tracking sites.

Dextools information update
CoinMarketcap and Coin Gecko listings
Contractual agreements with CEXs
on-boarding of market makers for both DEX and CEX trading.
Billboards in all lower 48 states of U.S.A+key crypto-friendly cities globally
Ads on Dextools, ave.ai, Social medias and all niche coin tracking charts and crypto-friendly advertising spaces.
Tier 1-4 Telegram KOL channel and Twitter influencer support
Marketing across telegram, Twitter and Discord will begin pre and post-launch.

Impact Marketing: billboards, endorsements,Influencers will be onboarded with aims of securing long term partnerships.
The $SIRIUS team is nothing without community. We look forward to your suggestions regarding community events and potential airdrop campaigns that bring awareness to $SIRIUS The $SIRIUS team will keep the community up-to-date on all behind the scenes happenings.
The $SIRIUS project has great potential for growth and development, and the team invites the community to join in and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the project. Note: the community is key, but there is a small tax on buy/sells that will allow the team to encourage growth
These tokenomics are designed with both key goals of limiting the circulating supply as much as possible and benefitting our early contributors while not leaving anyone else at a disadvantage freshly in our minds.
This tax is solely to maintain longevity for the Ethereum and token 'volume system' that will provide constant around-the-clock volume for $SIRIUS.

I.e.: buying back tokens and providing gas for the volume-making smart contracts.
Total Supply -21,000,000
10% - on vested locks
8% - unlocked for team
2 ETH - starting LP
Our goal is to make $SIRIUS the go-to cryptocurrency for token launching platforms and exchanges, with a robust and scalable infrastructure that can handle large volumes of launches. We believe that $SIRIUS can revolutionize the way meme coins are viewed and the way projects launch on the Ethereum blockchain
Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the way we interact with money, and our mission is to bring that transformation to every corner of the world. Our core values are transparency, accessibility, and security, and we strive to build a community that shares our vision and values.
We envision a world where everyone has equal access to financial opportunities and can participate in the global economy without restrictions.
Our goal is to make $SIRIUS the go-to cryptocurrency for transactions and exchanges, with a robust and scalable infrastructure that can handle large volumes of transactions. We believe that $SIRIUS can revolutionize the way we transact and exchange value, and we are committed to realizing this vision."
2023.First Sirius